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Tips For Choosing School Kitchen Equipment

When you’re investing a lot of time and money into your school kitchen, you need to feel confident the equipment you’re choosing is useful, powerful and reliable. But how do you know which model is right for you? We’ve pulled together our essential school kitchen equipment guide to help get you started.

Pick High-end Appliances

Midland’s Catering Projects only provide high-quality commercial kitchen equipment from the most reputable suppliers. Our engineers are Gas Safe approved too, meaning any equipment can be fitted straight away without a third-party gas engineer. Our equipment also comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty so in the event of a fault, we can replace equipment quickly to keep your kitchen operating.

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Start With Your Servery Counter

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to food. Your servery counter will be the first port of call for students and needs to set out a smooth flow for them to follow. Servery counters should also be one of the initial things you consider when planning your school kitchen layout; it needs to be accessible for both staff and students, as well as functional for hot and cold menus.

When choosing your servery counter, consider the size of your kitchen and the space it’ll take up, along with the different dishes it’ll be serving. Look for options that can cater for a variety of temperatures (if needed), and opt for see-through wells where students can easily view and choose their meals.

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Consider Cold Rooms or Refrigerators

Refrigeration is a big part of your kitchen as it stores fresh supplies, ensuring they’re kept within health and safety regulations – a vital standard for school kitchens. The great news is they’re multiple styles and options available to meet your kitchen’s needs, budget and available space. It’s important you not only choose the right refrigerator to match your menu but you choose a reliable supplier; you don’t want your refrigerator breaking down, spoiling valuable food and causing potential kitchen downtime, or overheating and increasing your energy bills.

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Choose A Combi Oven Or Commercial Oven

With such a high footfall including different time slots, meal options and dietary requirements, you need an oven that’ll support this demand. Your kitchen’s layout and budget may determine what type of oven you need but many school kitchens are choosing the more energy-efficient combi ovens. Their compact design and versatile cooking style mean your staff can manage multiple options at once; saving time, energy and resources. We recommend choosing models with glass doors too, so chefs can monitor the content as it’s cooking.

Keep Things Clean With Dishwashers

These may feel like a costly investment but they provide big savings in the long term. Not only do they wash faster and more effectively, they wash at a higher temperature (150 – 160 degrees) to ensure proper hygiene standards are met. They also have short cycle options; keeping up with the quick turnaround of students. Again, there are lots of different styles and sizes available to meet your school kitchen’s layout and requirements, leaving your staff confident that there won’t be plates piling up.

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Review Your Ventilation

Whenever you plan your commercial kitchen, you must consider effective ventilation and extraction to create a healthier, cleaner and nicer working environment. Functional ventilation will also keep your appliances performing at their peak and reduce potential breakdowns. There’s a variety of ventilation options available from tapered wall canopies and single canopies to odour and noise control systems. Our expert team can advise the most suitable option for your kitchen

Essential Kitchen Extras

Alongside these big-ticket pieces comes the smaller but equally important kitchen kit. Each of these appliances helps with the preparation of your menu, and when used daily, you should consider high-quality options that’ll continue to perform during your busiest periods. These extra essentials include:

  • Food processors
  • Industrial scales
  • Knives and chopping boards
  • Utility carts
school kitchen equipment planning

Planning Your School’s Kitchen

A big factor when it comes to your school kitchen equipment comes well before choosing which appliances you need. By effectively reviewing your available space and budget, you can design the most productive kitchen layout. This highlights where particular appliances can fit and therefore which appliances you need. Our team of experts will conduct a site visit and consultation to help you plan and design your school kitchen, advising on the best commercial kitchen equipment to meet your requirements.

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Choosing The Right Catering Equipment

If you already know what equipment you need, take a look at our commercial catering equipment to find the right model for you. If you’re unsure, then get in touch with our friendly team.