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Sustainability in the commercial catering sector can be a challenging issue. Here at Midlands Projects we are wholeheartedly committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business operations, and we believe that helping others to make their commercial kitchen operations more sustainable is of the utmost importance.

When most businesses think of sustainability and energy efficiency in commercial kitchens, they automatically think of the Energy Star rating of their appliances. This is a good starting point, but cannot be the only factor in decision making as energy efficiency goes much further than just kitchen appliances.

Small changes to make a big impact

At Midlands Projects, one of the ways that we contribute toward our sustainability goals is by operating a completely paperless head office and using cloud technology to share documents with our clients.

Our Mission

As well as focussing on the ways that we can operate in more sustainable ways, we believe it is important to discuss sustainable catering equipment options with our customers, saving them money on energy bills and limiting their environmental impact.

At Midlands Projects, we want to support businesses in lowering their energy consumption and carbon footprint for the future of our environment. This is more than just a tick in the box, this is a change in the way we think and practise our day to day business operations.

We supply commercial catering equipment built with the latest technology, allowing your kitchen to reduce waste, use less energy and water. We also rely less on equipment using gas, always looking to utilise electrical equipment where best suited. All these changes help to lower the environmental impact of commercial kitchens, as well as reducing overall waste and saving you money.

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